There are quite a few people named Nick Alexander. This is the page of the biomedical scientist previously working in Princeton and Boston. I am currently in clinical training overseas, meaning this website will be on freeze for some time.

My work as a clinical researcher comprises stints as clinical data manager for VA Boston Healthcare System / Harvard U, data analyst / programmer at Brigham and Womens, and behavioral researcher / MRI operator at Princeton U. The technical titles and job descriptions are in my LinkedIn profile.

Previously, I developed and probed animal models of disease. While at Boston Medical Center, I developed a mouse model of anabolic supplementation for glucocorticoid myopathy. In whole animal conditions, I observed several associated subcellular and molecular changes. Subsequently, at Brigham and Women's, I tested in vitro some of these correlates for causal relationship, using inhibitors and dose-ranging approaches. Results are summarized in a dissertation approved by a committee from Boston University School of Medicine. Data from my publications form that time are in this Boston University-owned shared folder (raw), or my my GitHub profile (cleaned data, statistical code).

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